Pail Serramenti Introduction


Over 55 years of craftsmanship: excellence comes from experience: A tradition that has continued since 1963, when the young carpenter Amerigo Pellegrini opened a small workshop to create wooden doors and window frames.

Over the years, the growth has been exponential, starting from the extensive knowledge of the raw material and the processing techniques, which have now become the strength of a company known throughout Italy and abroad. Throughout more than half a century, Pail has been able to cultivate its know-how, basing activities on the involvement of the family that today manages the various company divisions spread across over 100,000 square metres, throughout four factories in Atessa (Chieti) in Abruzzo. Today, Pail represents the true Made in Italy with an entirely in-house production. Yet the best way to appreciate Pail remains to entrust in its wide range of elegant, convenient products, in which high-design interior doors stand out.

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