Looking for a new ceiling design? Don’t know which one to choose? Here’s our complete guide to all major types of ceiling design that you can use for a new design of ceilings.


This sort of ceiling has a dome-like or half-sphere-like shape. To create a focal point in the ceiling, domed ceilings are a common choice. With a chandelier, diffused lighting, and decorative paint, like in this example, they can be accentuated further. The foyer, entrance, or other common home sections like the living room or dining room are best suited with these ceilings.

Dropped or false new ceiling design

Metal channels suspend a false ceiling from the real one. A dropped new ceiling design is also known as a false ceiling. Because they are generally used to conceal utilities such as electrical lines, air conditioning ducts, or to put concealed lights in the ceiling, these ceilings have a practical purpose. For the hall new ceiling design, this is a good choice.

Recessed or Tray

This ceiling has an unusual feature: The central portion of it rises higher than the rest. The term comes from its resemblance to an upside-down tray. The tray’s recess has a groove that houses LED strip lights or tube lights to hide the illumination source from view.

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Tall new ceiling design

A high new ceiling design adds a sense of spaciousness and openness to any room, making it an interesting feature. To create an atrium that connects two floors, these ceilings can be found inside a double-height room, as shown in the image. They can also be found in the common spaces of duplex homes or bungalows.

However, a high ceiling has one important drawback: much energy is lost in cooling this double-height room, resulting in higher air-conditioning costs. For bedroom new ceiling design, this is a great choice. If you want to know much more about the latest ceiling design for bedroom or Bedroom design in Dubai, reach us from below.

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The load-bearing wooden beams of a beamed ceiling may be seen inside a house, making it a traditional design choice. As you can see in this living room new ceiling design and faux beams can accomplish a similar impression in modern homes by stretching the entire length of the enclosed space.

Make sure the ceiling is at least 11 feet high if you don’t want the room to seem confined. For more information on living room design in Dubai, we are here to help and guide you.

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Coffered new ceiling design

The entire ceiling is divided into a grid of square or rectangular hollow panels when it has a coffered new ceiling design. Molding is often used to decorate and elevate the look of recessed panels on a ceiling.

Barrel vault

It’s a barrel-shaped ceiling with an arch running the length of it. There is a long hallway where these ceilings are installed. The barrel-vaulted ceiling is further enhanced by skylights that flood the interiors with natural light in this double-height room.

Cathedral new ceiling design

Two sides of the cathedral new ceiling design slope equally and meet in the middle (like in a church). Whether it’s utilized indoors or out, this style of ceiling lends a sense of spaciousness and openness.

One downside is that the ceiling is so high that it’s difficult to get to the light fixtures if they need to be changed. Farmhouses and weekend homes with plenty of room are the perfect places for these ceilings.

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An enclosed or semi-open compartment in a shed with a ceiling that slopes toward one side. This type of ceiling style is common in homes with an attic or a room right below the sloped roof.

Exposed new ceiling design

Using an exposed new ceiling design is best suited to industrial-themed spaces, such as those with exposed ductwork, wiring, and other utilities. When it comes to the warehouse style, exposed ceilings are an excellent approach. This is because many homeowners enjoy this look.


For a new ceiling design, these are some of the best options. To meet your needs, we’ve put together a variety of roofing patterns. These ideas introduce us to the most recent market trends and concepts, allowing us to converse with the designer more confidently.

As a result, consider the room’s layout, spending limit, material quality, and other factors before purchasing to make sure that your money is well spent. As an interior design company in Dubai, we can help you with home interior design in Dubai. Contact us now to find out more.

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