BADEN HAUS Introduction


In 1979 a long tradition of craftsmanship in the bathroom furniture sector was born from a small factory of just 300 square meters, this tradition led the growth of our company over the years. Strongly focused on the Made in Italy, we have always carried out our production in Italy in our factory, which today, following new acquisitions and expansions, is developed on an efficient and modern plant of around 65,000 square meters, of which 35,000 are dedicated to production and 30,000 divided between assembly, logistics, offices and a renovated showroom of approximately 800 sqm.
Our three factories where the entire production process takes place, from the raw material to the finished product, are equipped with the lastest technologies and machinery, recently renewed and enhanced thanks to the digitalisation of industry 4.0 .In a perspective of continuous and constant growth, a further extension of approximately 45,000 square meters was planned, destined for the storage of the finished product and logistics to meet the growing demand and to better face the challenges that the market has to offer.

BADEN HAUS Collections


Qubo – Soho

Eden – Qubo – Bellagio – Icona – Retro

Odna – Tiffany – Urban – Space

Angie – Vague – Liverpool – Tavolone

Sting – Avril – Dalila – Miami

New York – America – Caravaggio – Leonardo

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