Liftmart Introduction


Lift Mart is a specialist business specializing in elevators, escalators, and everything that comes with the two. At Lift Mart we strive for each of our products to be constructed using the highest standard of material. In short, Quality is Key.

Lift Mart always aims to go above and beyond when it comes to delivering quality and excellence. At Lift Mart, we believe in three main core values: Integrity, Quality, and Time.

In the early 1950’s, the late Ibrahim Sami Semaan came to Dubai on a work trip from Qatar. He used to work in an Electrical company and the project he was handling was to fix the lighting of the Villa for the Qatari Prince at the time.

After completion of his first project in Dubai, he set up his own electric company at the time and proceeded to install all the electrical wiring for Deira Clock tower, and later on to install all the electrical wiring for Dubai Airports Runways.

He saw an opportunity of introducing Elevators to the region and he took it. He created his brand of elevators naming it Ultra Lifts and installed the first elevator in the United Arab Emirates in 1958. It is currently located in a private villa on Jamal Abdul Nasser Street in Deira.

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