Vismaravetro Introduction


In 1907, more than one hundred years ago, Giuseppe Vismara started off as salesman for glass, crystal and mirrors produced by Mariano Comense. Vismaravetro has operated in the market niche of directly produced shower units for the past fifty years. Things have undergone a considerable change since the company was established in 1947. Both in society and in our company. Generations have gone by, houses are built according to new criteria, and comfort has been enhanced in the bathroom. Our company has changed considerably, from the name to the product. A new Vismara generation, the third one, to be precise, has entered the company to give its contribution. There has been an injection of new ideas and new enthusiasm.

Hence, today Vismaravetro is organised to be able to face every commitment with constant focus on providing practical proposals. Manual skills and industrialisation, technology and research, design and communication, all factors that lead to solid strategies and specialised production. The mission is to design, build and market shower units as if they were genuine items of furnishings with very high technical and formal quality.
Chanelling energies in new directions to be developed day by day with a keen perception for every growth opportunity.

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